The why….

Why do we do, what we do?

Why do we do what we do, even when we know doing these things forces us to postpone or abandon our dreams?

The biggest revelation from this study is why people sacrifice their dreams to keep others happy?

This study also revealed a solution where you can still help others the way you used to, without sacrificing your own dreams, and at the same time transform your life into a life of fulfillment and constant growth.

dreams and goals….

The dreams we have…

Most of us have dreams for ourselves, big ones, and some small ones.

The most surprising thing is that only a few people will ever reach the dreams they have for themselves, simply because they put the needs and wants of others ahead of their own.

A simple example would be if you want to buy something for yourself, but you sacrifice this to buy something for someone else instead.

This is not always bad, but sometimes, and this happens often, we sacrifice time, money, and dreams for lengthy periods of time, even sometimes giving up lifelong dreams for the sake of making others happy.

the reasons….

The reason why…

The reason we do this though is not always because of love or some noble act to see someone else happy.

So why do we do this and is it worth it? It depends. If you sacrifice something you want for the sake of helping someone else with something, once or twice, it is still okay but for the most part, you have to ask what is the real reason behind  doing what you do.

Have a look at your life. How long has it been where you always wanted to do something in your life but never got around to it or cannot do it because you are committed to things that make the life of others a reality?

Someone else’s needs or wants became a higher priority than following your dreams.

It is very apparent in the lives of men, who spend money on gifts, dinners, and entertaining women because they do not want to lose the opportunity to have this person in their lives. In doing so, they get themselves in financial trouble because there is no saving plan or certain debts get neglected.

Once they are in that pattern, they spend the rest of their lives providing, paying for a house, and paying debts, to keep another happy or content with life.

In doing so, they have to give up on other dreams they had for themselves.

The reason why we do the things we do, even when we know it is costing us our dreams and peace of mind… is fear.


the fears we have….

The things you do because of a fear…

  • How many times do you do things because you are afraid, if you do not do this one thing, the person you are doing it for, may have a reaction, anger, resentment, or disappointment towards you.
  • How often do you do things because you are afraid if you don’t do them, you may lose the opportunity to be with a person you may like?
  • How often do you, even when you know you are already drowning in debt, continue to buy things for other people, because you fear disappointment, a loss of the relationship, or anger from the other person?

The fear of a reaction….

What makes us do we do, what we do?

Fear of a reaction, disappointment, anger, or a loss of relationship makes many of us do things that force us to sacrifice our dreams and the things we want for ourselves, because we used our time, money and other resources to fullfill the need of someone else.

The follow-up question to this is this… do you have to live a life of constant sacrifice to yourself, for the sake of others. Or is there another way where everyone wins, you reach your goals and you keep others happy, and content, and even gain their respect in the entire process?

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