The best way to start a new life and create an incredible year in 2023

Starting a new life can be an incredible invigorating journey, and with the right mindset and strategy, it’s possible to create an incredible year in 2023.

If you don´t you will basically repeat the previous year. There is no bigger frustration than doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


Because the goals you set for yourself will be the driving force behind your new life, it is important to start the right way.

This series of five short, powerful and to the point articles will help you make a powerful start. In this article you do not have to write your goals or anything else, it is intended to give you a paradigm shift on how to create a successful year.

There are three steps you need to take to ensure you do not waste the opportunity of starting new:

the first: Fruits of growth …

Goals should be fruit of your growing your new life in 2023:

Unlike most people I set goals that are evidence that I grew as a person. Goals for me are things where I can say: ¨If I can achieve this, I will know I successfully grew in areas that will result in these goals naturally. ¨

For instance, if my goal was to have a $100 000, I do not focus on making a hundred thousand dollars, instead I focus on creating a profitable business, or a profitable life and the hundred thousand dollars will be a natural result. The goal is still the $100 000, but my focus is on growing me and my business.

Set goals that is a result of growing your life and setting in place systems and things that will produce the goals.

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The second: Detox before you start …

Detox your life before you start a new life or new year in 2023:

To create a new life, it’s important to let go of any toxic thoughts, memories, and attitudes that may be holding you back. If you go into the new year and carry with you, toxic thoughts, memories, and attitudes, it will be impossible to create a new life and live one of the best years you could live to date.

Consider taking some time to reflect on your past and identify any negative patterns or behaviors that may be holding you back. We get into this in a following article, and you will be surprised how easy and how powerful this is.

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the third, focus on your growth …

Focus on things that will make you stronger so that you enable yourself to produce the success you want.

To create the life you want, it’s important to focus on the things that will grow you as a person and in so doing grow your life.

There are “seven seeds” that form the “seven pillars of personal power and success¨ and it is these seven pillars that will, if you grow them, that will lead you to success.

Make sure you are putting your energy and attention into these areas. If you put your focus on these seven seeds, you will create a persona where your life will produce the goals you set for yourself, naturally.
In step 1 you focused on the goals you want to achieve, for instance a hundred thousand dollars. In this step, you list the points you want to focus on that will help you grow as a person.

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recap: to do design an amazing 2023 …


To take advantage of a fresh start and be extremely successful, you have to take into account these three simple but powerful steps.
Set goals that are evidence that you focused on things that will develop you.
Detox your life to enable you to focus on growth and not bad experiences from the past that will hold you back.

Focus on the seven pillars, that will make you stronger so that you enable yourself to produce the success you want naturally.

Your new life and new year can be the most powerful experience you have experienced to date in your life. If you do this, this could be your life….

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