With the thought of starting a new life or a new year, you will be burning with the desire to write your goals and dreams down.

Before you rush into writing goals down, you will want to increase your chances of success and reach the full potential of what a fresh start can hold for you.

mental detox for a new start and new year to reach your full potential and success
Compare what you can do with your life if you have things weighing you down or holding you back versus a life where nothing is weighing you down or holding you back. Imagine starting with a clean slate, with all your focus on progressing and growing your life only.


The most desired state to a start a new life.

That is the most desired state to start your new life and new year from, with a clear mind with nothing else consuming your energy and focus. A clean slate, a mind completely free.

If you are being weighed down or feel there are things holding you back, you will unconsciously limit yourself what you think you can do and thereby rob yourself of what is truly possible. What you will need to do is remove this feeling of overwhelm and being weighed down, ,create a clean slate, so that you optimize what you believe you can accomplish in your future.


How to create a clean slate for a new life in 2023

So how do we create a clear mind, a clean slate, with nothing else consuming our energy and focus?

Let us first understand how we get to a stage where we feel so burdened or trapped that we cannot get unstuck because if you understand this you will also learn how to create the clear mind and optimum focus you need to make a powerful start.


These are two facts that no one can escape.

First, we constantly accumulate knowledge.
Second, our brain has a primary function to keep us safe.

At first glance, these two facts seem unrelated, but you will soon see how they work together and how it affects your future, motivation, and potential.


First, our brains will try to remember everything we need to do.

There are several situations where we accept responsibility for a task and our brain will record this as a task that needs to be done and adds it to other tasks we have already committed to, for instance:

  • If someone asks you to do something and you commit to doing this task, your brain will record this.
  • Also, if you decide to help someone, even if they didn’t ask you, but it is a decision you made on your own out of goodwill or kindness, you will record this in your sub-conscience.
  • Sometimes it is subliminal, where you think something is expected from you, and your brain will note it down as something that needs to be done.
  • The size of the task doesn’t matter, it will still be recorded as a task that you are responsible for and will be added to the list of other tasks already on the list.
  • Even the idea of organizing a box of gadgets you have stored for years in your storage shed will be in the back of your mind and added to this mental list.
  • Sometimes we commit to things even when we know it would be impossible to commit to more things. To avoid conflict (disappointment from another), we will say yes.

As these tasks and promises to pile up in our minds, they compete for our attention, and all of this can quickly become overwhelming.

This is where the second fact, our brains will always aim to keep us safe, come into play.


Second, our brains will always aim to keep us safe.

After we commit to a task, regardless of how small or big, we fear that someone we promised something to, will call us, or we’ll see them again, and the task won’t be done.
The mere thought of disappointing someone can cause anxiety, even if it’s just a minor sensation. This anxiety can build up over time, causing stress and exhaustion that is difficult to describe.

All of this quickly become overwhelming, and this will cause a sensation of stress.
Your brain sees this stress as something harmful from which it must protect you.

how it affects our potential future …

How does this affect what you can accomplish in your future?

Your brain will know how much time you have in a day, week, or month. It will also consider how many tasks you are committed to and what is stored in your brain. It will always consider how much more you can take on or if you are at the limit of things, you can assume responsibility for.

This is a way to keep you from harmful situations, even the sensation of stress or things that could cause you stress.

If you now try to add new goals, even with excitement for the new life or year, your brain, because it will know how many other things you still must do, will limit you to how much you commit to. It will reduce what you think you can accomplish or what you think you can manage, all to keep you safe.

Now that you understand this better, consider the same question we asked in the beginning again.

Compare what you can do with your life if you have things weighing you down or holding you back versus a life where nothing is weighing you down or holding you back. Imagine starting with a clean slate, with all your focus on progressing and growing your life only.

Now you will understand how this has an incredible limiting effect on what you can accomplish, all because your mind may feel it is already overloaded with tasks and promises that you do not have time for as it is.
It has nothing to do with your potential or who or what you can become. Instead you are being limited by time constraints and unrelated things to your potential.

The best place to start a new life or a new year is to start with a clean slate, with all your focus and attention on progressing and growing your life only.

how to start with a clean slate …

How to start with a clean slate and increase our potential?

But how do we start with a clean slate and increase our potential of what we can accomplish in one year, without letting those we made commitments to, down or forgetting about all the tasks we have committed to already.

The answer – The second brain.

The second brain is an easy life hack that you can use to not only relieve yourself from a lot of stress by freeing your mind from everything it feels it needs to remember but an amazing way to organize your life.
Doing this simple ¨second brain¨ life hack will give you a clean slate from which you can start a new life or a new year.

The ¨Second Brain¨ involves taking a notepad, book, or computer and writing everything that comes to mind when you ask yourself ¨What are things that I still need to do, what are those things that are on the ¨still to do list¨.

In general, this is known as doing a brain dump. It is an exercise where everything that is on your mind is written down or noted somewhere.

Take this further and write down all the relationships you want to mend or end. Every single detail that comes to mind. It doesn’t need to be in order, and I suggest you do not try to think of things in order, just write them down and allow your mind to remind you of things that are still pending, needs to be done, or solved.

Once you have done this, you can revisit this list and organize it into categories to make it easier for yourself to prioritize what is most important.
Write down any regrets, attitudes, grudges, etc. that you want to let go of.

Writing things in this book and being able to look at them will serve as a mental detox, freeing your mind from the stress and fear of forgetting things that are not yet done or unsolved.

Your mind will know these tasks etc., are written down where you can find them, and you can always come back to reread them and remind yourself of the tasks that need to be done.

This way, you have created a clean slate, a completely detoxed mind, free to set goals and directions that will enable you to reach your full potential and have a new future once again.

Try the second brain and detox process today and experience the positive impact it can have on your life and the goals you set for your future.

Now you are ready to set powerful goals that will be the driving force for your new life and new year.

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