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how did he do it….

How did Andrew Tate create his success?

How did someone, born on the wrong side of the tracks, still become one of the most influential men while accumulating immense wealth.

How did he do it, and can you do the same?

In short – if you know how he created his success, can you copy his secrets and create the same success?

I had a look at how Andrew Tate created his success and found specific mindsets he adopted to create the life he has. It may surprise you that you already have one of them in common with Andrew Tate.

When I looked at the mindsets Andrew Tate used to create his success, it showed me that any person who adopt these traits can effectively create success or at least a better life.

None of these traits are reserved only for specific people, meaning it doesn´t matter who your parents were, your background or what level of education you have. It can all be copied and have similar results.

Andrew Tate next to his Lamborghini

the start….

How did Andrew Tate start his success…

Andrew Tate was born into a poor family, but he never assumed that as his fate for life. A firm decision that the best days of his life were still ahead of him, shaped his mindset to search for ways to create the life he wanted.

He found the answer how to create the life he wanted as quickly as he could through adopting four specific  mindsets. Combining these, these mindsets made Andrew Tate extremely wealthy and one of the most searched-for men in modern times.

The future….

Believe in an incredible future…

Start with the right mindset about your future to shape the correct mindset.

The first mindset we just covered. He did not accept where he came from or his current circumstances as his final fate.

Andrew Tate future

He firmly believed that the best years of his life is still ahead of him and that he is in full control to create that life. 

This is where all of us need to start. You have to believe that the best years of your life is still ahead of you, and most importantly, that you are in full control to create that life.


Andrew tate color of his bughatti web

build an empire….

The most impactfull pillar of success used by Andrew Tate…

The second mindset used by Andrew Tate is also the most impactful mindset you can adopt.

You know how you sometimes walk into a room, and there is that one person who always has that presence of having his life together. Andrew Tate has this same presence and the reason for this is because of a specific mindset.

Instead of assuming a ´normal´ life Andrew Tate set out from the start to build a personal empire. This mindset forces you to get your life together.

People with this mindset naturally poses a powerful presence that others can see, feel, see and sense.

Every successful man we look up to as trendsetters, men we envy for the success they achieved adopted this mindset. Andrew Tate, Ellon Musk, Jeff Bazos.

Neither of them is ashamed nor afraid to be known as men who builds his own empire.

Something clicks inside you and an automatic activation of drive, aspiration, and motivation gets injected into your veins when you make this decision.

By building a personal empire we do not mean it has to be an international business empire. It is a mindset of what I built, I protect, it is mine and I focus on growing this.

That may sound arrogant or self-centered but think about this for a second.

Instead of assuming a normal life, you go for a nine to five job, you meet your love, and you build your future together, why not take the other route. Decide that your nine to five is only your first step in building your empire. Focus on growing your empire, become the best version of you, build wealth and assets and then attract the right person into your life.


Andrew tate empire wealth - web


There is a saying that goes; A man does not need a queen to be a king. He only needs a kingdom. Be the king in your life, build a kingdom you are in charge of and that you own.

This is about me as a person. I want to be a millionaire, I want to live in a luxurious house, I want to have zero debt, and I want to have a decent income. This is a very personal statement about what you want to build as an individual.

I firmly believe that this statement, I will build my own personal empire, should be a mission statement for every man.

Don’t be a man who are focused and interested to survive life from month to month, be a man concerned with building a personal empire. A personal empire is more than just wealth, it is possession, style, lifestyle, who you are and who you allow into your life.

Like Andrew Tate, make this your mission statement: I will build my own personal empire.

Andrew Tate focus on building an empire of wealth

focus on creating wealth….

Andrew Tates intense focus on wealth building…

The third mindset Andrew Tate Pursued is a part of building an empire. It is also the one you already have in common with Tate – the dream to be wealthy.

Andrew Tate knew one thing – staying focused on building wealth was his pathway to a better life. Building wealth is what enables him to create wealth while many with the same desire stay poor, because they stay stuck at the desire to be wealthy.

I am sure that many would have told Andrew Tate the same thing they tell you. Money is not everything, But Tate held onto the knowledge that many of his problems would be solved or instantly go away if only he had more money. 

Ask yourself that question: How many of your problems would be solved or instantly go away if only, you had more money.

Instead of shying away from making money, he dedicated himself to learn how to make as much as he could. 

And this is the key right here: He took the responsibility as a man to learn how to create the wealth he needed to look after himself and his family.

That would be your first step, and it is the first thing he did differently – accept the vision, goal, and responsibility as a man to create wealth for yourself and your family. 

Stop listening to losers who tell you money is not everything. Sure, do not neglect the other things in your life, for instance, spending time with loved ones, but do not throw away the other half of the equation and that is the importance of making money.

Do you know how many women who told men money is not everything, eventually cheated on them with the first guy who had more money? Facts! 

The first thing people worry about when they fear losing their jobs is how will I survive financially.

The first thing people worry about is when there is a looming financial crisis. How will I survive, financially?

Stop adopting a loser mentality of thinking money is not everything. If you want to live a better life, accept the fact that it is money that will make that happen for you.  The third mindset that made Andrew Tate powerful that you can and should copy – Keep the making of money a focus in your life.

the code….

The Code of Power and Influence…

The fourth mindset andrew tate used that made him more powerful and sought after: having a code of conduct.

Andrew Tate Wealth Code

With Andrew Tate having a code of conduct, we do not necessarily mean Andrew Tate lived a life of an altar boy.

A code of conduct is all about knowing what you stand for, who you are, what you accept in life, and what you don’t. He stood by his code of conduct regardless of what society tried to put on him.

Man-shaming did not affect him, and instead of bowing down to the preconceived ideas of what a modern man should be like, Tate reminded society what a real man used to be and should still be: Men should be leaders, strong, focused, and disciplined.

Get to a stage in your life where you are not swayed by the opinions, manipulations, and emotional tantrums of others. And this statement is not directed only towards the woman who diminishes what a man should be, but also to the weak men of society today who simp and think this is the only way they can be accepted by a woman in their lives.

Be a man and stand by that what makes men, men.

Know who you are, what you like and what you do not like

Duplicate the success….

Copy these four mindsets from Andrew Tate to grow your success…

These are the four things you need to copy from Andrew tate and focus on to create the life you want or at least a better life as quickly as possible.

  • Adopt the belief that the best days of your life are still ahead of you. You do not have to stay stuck in the place where you come from. Your current or past circumstances do not have to define you or your future.
  • Live with a focus to build your own personal empire.
  • Focus on learning how to create wealth.
  • Develop a very strong code of conduct: Know who you are, what you like, what you want in life and what you don’t. Become highly self-aware.

 When you adopt and focus on these things, you will, like Andrew Tate, attract into your life high-value woman, opportunities, and things that only a few ever get to experience.

Accelerate your success….

Do this to accelerate reaching success…

When you look at Andrew Tate, he had an extreme focus to build the life he wanted as quickly as possible and so he went monk mode.

Every successful person had monk mode focus.

However, most people approach monk mode the wrong way and never see results. To do it the right way and start seeing the results quickly, watch this video. (read the article here)


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